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If Watch Design Had Evolved Differently

Alternative history explores what might have happened if events and technological developments had been resolved differently than in real life.

If watch design had evolved differently, instead of commonly using hands and digital displays, all watches might display the time using numbers on revolving discs.

Revolutions Of Time

The drum movement used in the Rotar watch has three numbered discs that revolve independently of each other.

The time is always displayed and progresses automatically. You can initiate a programmed revolution of the discs by pressing the upper right button. View the video below to see the revolving discs in action.

To minimize power consumption when not using the watch, you can activate power saving mode. The discs will revolve and stop at 12:00 until you press any button to display the time again.

The watch uses standard replaceable watch batteries that are estimated to last for at least 1 year and can easily be replaced.

A Striking Watch In Futuristic Metallic Colors

One of the most striking features of the Rotar watch is its beautiful metallic finish. Each watch is polished but the watch face is vertically brushed to emphasize the direction the discs revolve in.

Detailed with polished buttons, the watch has a mineral crystal lens and a genuine leather strap that can be adjusted to fit all wrist sizes.

Rotar features a "quick release" strap so you can easily switch out the strap for another personal favorite watch strap that fits.

Creative Watch Design For Curious Minds

Rotar is a creative watch design for curious minds. Made in a limited production run, Rotar is guaranteed to be an original and special watch that not many other people own.

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