E Ink World Clock Red Plastic Strap Zoom
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Swipe in style with a buttonless, touch lens operation.

The new World Time Sport with E INK display debuts a state-of-the-art buttonless touch lens operation, allowing for a sleek, ultra-modern look, and the ability to change modes with simple finger swipe across the case. The new World Time Sport offers the ability to select from 24 time zones for one display mode, while optionally displaying a second time zone simultaneously . The dual time zone display can also be configured to simply display the time of day or both the date and time in either over-sized or conventional-sized segments.

These unique capabilities are packaged in a sleek, ultra-thin, curved case only 9.3mm thick. Incredibly versatile, the new World Time Sport gives you an assortment of different functions and display modes.

Available in four colored versions the World Time Sport also includes a flexible silicone band and durable, water and sweat resistant plastic case.

Please note that the band is integrated with the World Time Sport watch case and is non-replaceable.

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